Weddings and Marriage Blessings 

Blean Parish Church is a popular venue for Wedding Services and Marriage Blessings. The interior of the building is attractively rustic in feel and intimate in scale. We can seat up to about 120 people in comfort, with an 'ideal' guest number of 80-100. You and your guests will enjoy the benefits of modern facilities including our sound (includes hearing-aid loop) and heating systems; and the fact that the church has recently been beautifully redecorated.

We help you plan your Order of Service, and support your decision-making regarding readings, hymns and other music.

Wedding Services Do you qualify to get married in Blean Parish Church? This will depend on a number of factors, for example if you are already resident in Blean or Tyler Hill, or if you or your family has some connection with the area, or Blean church. This can (and does!) include students who have lived and studied at Kent University. With a church Wedding Service the local vicar is 'Registrar' and all the legalities of your Wedding are handled through the church.

Wedding Services and Marriage Blessings Get in touch with us today to make an enquiry, book a date and ask your questions: you won't be under any obligation to take matters further unless you want to.

Note that Marriage Blessings  (e.g. for a couple who have been married at a civil ceremony) work under fewer legal constraints than Wedding Services, and you don't have to prove that you have a connection with Blean church, or the surrounding area.

In 2019 the basic Statutory Fee for a Wedding Service in a church like ours in England is £455. There are 'optional extras', including having an organist; and some flowers done by our talented volunteer florist. When these are chosen, couples usually find that the total figure paid rises to just over £600.  

The cost of a Marriage Blessing can be less, depending on your requirements.